Ambar LoRusso Interview

Renowned Makeup Artist

The newest face in the international cosmetic industry now in the Rio Grande Valley. We know Ambar is a very charming, beautiful and humble young lady, we have seen her work, she has stunned professionals on the runway and cosmetic industry in USA, Mexico and Europe with her unique, flawless adventurous and innovative artistry that is why we decided to get together and have an interview with her to get to know her better…

How would you describe your unique makeup style?

I love to exalt woman’s beauty, I believe the true beauty is in the eyes of every bride, so my style brings out the very vest version of every woman that seats on my chair, my style resembles glow, flawless, elegance and the unique nature of every bride’s essence..

Where did you study your career?

I have had the blessing of learning from the best Makeup artists in the world, and the best Aesthetics professionals in USA, Mexico and Europe

Being so young and successful, how old were you when you started?

I was born in Methuen, Massachussets but I spend my early childhood in Mexico, my Mom was a pioneer in the industry as well as my grandmother, owner of one of the best beauty salons in Mexico, so I am used to being around health and beauty since I was a kid. When I turned sixteen I became passionate about skin care first, makeup and cosmetology followed.

What other talents do you have and what do you like to do when not working?

I am a certified Aesthetician so every client’s skin is a blank canvas for me to prepare. I love photography, exercising, reading and learning new trends, my passion is to know the ingredients and the newest trends to nurture my client’s skin. I also love to serve at my church, I believe we only reach excellence when we give back to God all the blessings we receive from him, so I do it every time I can.

Where is your Makeup Studio?

At a very special place! The New Salon and Spa at Renee’s of Sharyland, I consider it as a magical place where our clients feel pampered so they can shop beauty products, the latest in fashion and accessories, eat delicious food at our cafe and get beautiful in our salon and spa, all in one place! We are positive, passionate and a very united team who always strive for excellence.

Are there any futures plans for your career?

Absolutely! Soon we will be attending the Fashion Week at Dubai, I am so honored to have been chosen to represent The New Salon at Renee’s of Sharyland, as a makeup director at the runway this fall 2018. I am willing to bring my experience to this side of the world!

We have an upcoming surprise together with Manuel Tiscareno Bridal couture, he is an incredible human being and the best bridal wear designer I have known! He is passionate for his brides, we share a vision together, he sees a work of art in every bride just as I do in my skin care and makeup design, so we will soon announce a great surprise that I cannot talk about it just yet..

And more to come… the beat continues!!!

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