Creating Memories to Last



Sandra Tutka has been planning and executing events for over twenty years. She is dedicated, motivated, and goal-oriented. Her passion and commitment to her clients makes her unique compared to other Rio Grande Valley event planners. Perhaps the most exciting time for Sandra is the beginning stages of working with her clients, getting to know them on both a professional and personal level. Friendship, trust and confidence flourish as she continues to work with her clients, culminating in an event that is flawlessly executed and remembered for years to come.


Sandra Tutka understands that each event is unique, and that inevitable challenges are bound to arise during the planning process. She thrives as a leader in a fast-paced environment, working behind the scenes to stay on top of all the details. She can be seen wearing lots of different hats, which is why she can be trusted by vendors and clients alike. Above all else, she demonstrates meticulous planning and passion for perfection. When the day of the event has finally arrived, you’ll find yourself worry free with complete faith in Sandra Tutka and her team’s ability to execute the celebration you’ve been planning for months and dreaming about for years.

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