Alex Pitchford & Luke Campbell

Wedding Date March 2, 2019

Photographed by Anahi Weddings

Meeting each other was not accidental, only meant to be. The year after our courtship, our engagement began. Without my knowledge, Luke planned to propose to me in his own special way, asking my father for my hand. He invited my parents to come to San Antonio and join his parents to share this memorable moment. Early on Saturday, April 27th, Luke asked me to take a walk with him, along with our dogs. As we strolled through the streets of our neighborhood, he appeared a bit nervous. When we returned home I began walking towards our front door, I glanced back to look for Luke, and found him holding a little gray box in his hand. He proceeds to get down on one knee asking me to be his wife! I have never witnessed a bigger sigh of relief the moment after I said yes! Cars passing by congratulated us with honks of love! We begin our adventure on March 2, 2019, exactly 2 years from the day we met.

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