Ginger Ann Fetters & Matthew Garcia

Wedding Date January 19, 2019

Photographed by The Pixel Studio by Rigo Rodriguez

Ginger never believed she would find true love, but always knew she had a special friend she could always count on to be there for her. Matthew was her best friend of three years, and one day, while bowling together in January 2017, he summoned up the courage to kiss Ginger, saying “I have been waiting for you to realize I am here,”…and the rest is history. Right before Christmas, without Ginger knowing, Matthew had gone to her father and her two oldest daughters for her hand in marriage. So One perfect day at the beach they luckily came upon a sea turtle release at Isla Blanca Park, where Ginger found a sand dollar and Matthew spotted a starfish. When Ginger to turned around to snap a picture, she found Matthew on one asking “Will you marry me?” After many happy tears Ginger said “Yes!” with all her heart. Ginger and Matthew already feel like the luckiest people in the world because they have won each other’s hearts, a precious and priceless gift.

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