Jessica Olivarez & Joe Cantu

Wedding Date March 16, 2019

Photographed by Cynthia Garza Photography

Joe and I met in college 7 years ago; we’ve been through it all together and I am so thankful to have such a loving man by my side. Seeing that I was overwhelmed with finishing my master’s degree, Joe organized a trip to Aspen, Colorado, one of my favorite places ever! There was a 3-mile hike to a lake I had been wanting to venture for the longest time in that area. After driving there and realizing the road was closed so you’d have to hike an additional 6 miles, Joe convinced me into it with motivation and positivity. It took us more than 4 hours to arrive, where we found the lake and its surroundings completely frozen over! Although I was disappointed, I still took in the gorgeous sprawling mountain view. I then turned around to find, to my utter surprise, Joe on one knee. It was right then and there, that I said “Yes!” to my best friend!

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