Maritza Salinas & Michael Grout Jr.

Wedding Date January 19, 2019

Photographed by The Pixel Studio by Rigo Rodriguez

One fateful afternoon at HEB of all places is where we met. Wine and the intervention of a sweet old lady is what brought us together. Michael proposed on our 1 year anniversary of dating. I had a feeling it was coming and he knew that. He had the whole day planned. After dinner and even a trip to HEB without a proposal, I thought it might not happen, then while relaxing at home he took our dogs out and then called for me. When I met him at the front door he was down on one knee with the ring on our fur baby’s paw and asked me to make him the happiest man on earth. He knew I had an idea he was going to propose so he had to surprise me somehow and didn’t want to be cliché and propose to me where I thought he would.

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