An Interview with Estee Yao

    1. Tell us about your unique design style. How does it appeal to modern brides?♥ The modern day brides are not afraid to stand out in a crowd and want to look feminine, romantic, and timeless which is what “Estee” Couture Bridal stands for.


    1. What first inspired you to step into the fashion industry? ♥ I’ve always had my heart in fashion ever since I was a child, and decided to focus on evening wear when I first started my career..


    1. Why did you choose bridal fashion to concentrate your art and design?♥ Bridal is really my passion as I have the opportunity to play my wild card by using the most luxurious materials and different appliqués, textures, and art work designs to create the collection.

      Another reason is that Bridal is unique and personal. I have the privilege to play a role in a bride’s most important day in her life and it’s just a magical feeling.


    1. What has been your favorite memory throughout your career?♥ Throughout the course of my career, I had the privilege to dress many celebrities including Beyonce, Fergie, Alicia Keys, and Carrie Underwood. My favorite celebrity endorsement was when Angelina Jolie wore the custom Max Azria Atelier gown designed by me to the Cannes Film Festival when she was pregnant with the twins. It was a highlight in my career.


    1. What new fashion trends can we expect from 2018?♥ We are expecting to see a lot of 3D floral and mixture of textures in bridal fashion. Dresses are either being done with more “Wow” factors or clean cuts with a classic twist.


  1. What does the future hold for Estee Bridal Couture?♥ We will continue to design the feminine and timeless collections to help the modern day bride find her dream wedding gown and achieve her unique look.

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