Photographer:: Alejandro Salinas
Make Up Artist:: Aracely Zarate
Hair:: Daniel Casillas
Styling:: Sergio Muñoz
Fashion Coordinator:: Azahel Marmolejo

An Interview with Manuel Tiscareno

  1. How would you describe your unique fashion and design style?
    ♥ That’s a great question and one that is difficult to define given that my style, like most designers, is constantly evolving. If I could describe my style at the current moment I would like to think that it’s a mix of traditional bridal silhouettes and contemporary lace and beading details. I think it’s important with bridal fashion to remain timeless, and I take pride in creating dresses that will withstand the test of time.
  2. Did you study fashion in college? ♥ I actually took a less traditional route to becoming a fashion designer. My background is Art History but I’ve been in the service of brides since 2010 as a wedding planner, with some clients asking me to design their wedding dresses as well, so it kind of just started growing from there. It has been a very organic and natural progression, and I’m constantly learning every day.
  3. What amount of work and detail goes into each gown?
    ♥ All of my gowns start with a sketch and measurements of every client. The amount of work and detail depends on the design and the level of beading or appliqué work. Our laces are cut and appliquéd by hand which can take a long time. Each piece is hand beaded and it isn’t finished until our clients are completely satisfied with the final product. I’m kind of obsessive when selecting fabric, and making sure the final design is a true reflection of the proposed design.
  4. What has been the best memory so far in your career?♥ That’s a tough one! Every time I see a smile on my clients face is a very gratifying experience, honestly its one of the best feelings… I’m always so honored to be a part of that special day. It makes me happy to know that my studio has been part of so many brides’ wedding journey.
  5. Are there any future plans for your career and for Tiscareño Bridal Couture?♥ Absolutely! We are currently expanding into a wholesale bridal fashion line for Luxury bridal boutiques and are teaming up with some wonderful people in the industry to provide our […] dresses to as many brides as possible! I’m also looking into menswear. My mission is to serve our clients to the best of our abilities locally, as well as internationally.

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