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It’s All About the Location

Choosing the right venue for your wedding day will set the perfect ambience to tell your love story. While deciding between outdoors or indoors, or whether you want grand opulence or intimate settings, there are other factors to consider before you seal the deal.

Timing is key when booking a location, as many popular and high-in-demand venues are often booked up to a year, even 2, in advance. The venue may not even be available on your wedding day, especially if it a particularly popular season. So if there’s a location you have your eyes on, set up an appointment with their coordinator now.

If a venue is available on your set date, inquire about packages and prices. It is important to have a budget set for the wedding. If a venue also includes services such as décor and setup, catering, rentals, and more, you may be able to get more for the right price and stay under budget.

If you are planning on having your ceremony at a separate location, go through the same steps as you would for booking the reception venue. If your ceremony will be in a place of worship, speak with the pastor or priest, or whomever may be in charge of wedding ceremonies. Many places of worship often accept donations in lieu of fees, and some may require certain classes or programs before you can marry.

It’s important to remember the technical details when making a final decision – guest capacity, security, setup and breakdown times, parking, electrical outlets for band or DJ setup, lighting, curfew, on site alcohol license, backup plans especially for outdoor venues, and deposit schedule and cancellation fees.

If the fine print is in order, the price is right, and the location fits your vision perfectly, sign the dotted line!

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