Look For A Sign

Along with the invitations and thank you cards, there are other wedding stationery and signage that couples can use to incorporate into their celebration. When guests arrive to your ceremony and reception, there are details and important pieces of information that must be conveyed. Why not with beautiful and lovely signs to guide them?

Welcome Sign

A welcome sign can let the guests know they are indeed arriving at your wedding, especially if the ceremony or reception location is vastly large and spanned, or if another event is being held nearby. The sign can convey the overall theme and tone of your celebration, similar to the invitation.

Table Place Cards

If you have a seating chart planned out, place cards are a great way to have guests find their table and seat. A setup just outside the reception entrance can have a large sign with the table numbers and guests’ names, while place cards can be found waiting on each place setting. You can be very creative with this and use items aside from the traditional card, such as a unique gift favor.

Bar Signage

A cocktail hour is the perfect interlude between the ceremony and reception for guests to mix and mingle with a refreshing beverage. Having a sign at the bar with the drink menu allows guests to see what is being served, what the signature drink is made of, and gives easier orders to the bartender.


The menu is always anticipated when attending the reception. Whether it’s a plated meal or a buffet, show your guests what they will be indulging in with a menu display, listing the first course, entrée, sides, and desserts. This is especially perfect for couples who are having a buffet service, food stations, or even food trucks, so that their guests can see what their options are.


A big hit at any party, photobooths are perfect entertainment and party favors for the wedding. If you are keeping copies of the photos in a scrapbook, or simply want to encourage guests to pick up a fun prop, a small sign can help them know what to do with their extra photos or what pose to use! This is also a great way to encourage guests to use a custom hashtag you created for social media.

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