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Micro Weddings & Minimonies

Even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and the world seeming to be at a standstill, couples madly in love are still finding alternative paths to tying the knot.

“Micro weddings” and “minimonies” are becoming a popular trend for couples and wedding vendors alike, bringing weddings to a smaller, more intimate celebration with modified guidelines to comply with safety regulations. Although large weddings are not occurring in current times, many couples are opting to have a small ceremony to official get married, inviting around ten of their closest loved ones and then hosting a dinner to celebrate. The newlyweds by this point will have moved their big celebration to a later date so the rest of their friends and family can celebrate their nuptials as originally intended. Another alternate is couples going forward with their wedding but bringing down their guest count to a lower number in compliance with their venue’s COVID-19 policies.

For the couples who are at a loss of whether to continue with the wedding, postpone or cancel, it is best to contact your vendors for any possible options to select from that coincide with new policies and safety regulations, then discuss with your family what the best choice to make will be. In the end, the wedding is about your love for each other and sharing life together as partners. No matter how big or small the wedding is, it will simply be about you two, your love, and your families coming together, something we all need during this turbulent time.

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