La Garrafa Nieve Artesanal

308 North Shary Road, Mission, TX, USA

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From Jalisco, Mexico to the Rio Grande Valley, Marco Antonio and Michael Martinez are following their grandparents' legacy through the art of making handmade sorbet native from Mexico or in Spanish known as, "Nieve Artesanal."

La Garrafa Nieve Artesanal is a business rooted in family and tradition. It all started when Marco Antonio's grandfather moved to Texas with his family and opened up a business that sold handmade ice cream. At the time, Marco Antonio had a job that wasn't suiting him well; so his grandfather offered to teach him how to make the sorbet, and eager to learn both Marco Antonio and Michael decided to embark on this new journey. They built their way up to the top by first selling the ice cream at flea markets and gradually they started making a name for themselves. Next thing they knew they were catering at private events. In August 2021, they felt ready to open up their own business and named it La Garrafa Nieve Artesanal located in Mission, Texas.

The Martinez brothers are passionate individuals who don't give up until they reach their goals. Through family and tradition, they now bring to the RGV a unique taste of Jalisco, Mexico via their business. They pride themselves in how their water-based and milk-based ice cream is handmade, prepared with natural ingredients and no preservatives.

Marco Antonio and Michael strive to bring the best service to your events. Visit their business or give them a call, they will be happy to help you!


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