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1335 Palm Blvd, Brownsville, TX, USA

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Lola’s Bistro is a hidden gem on Palm Blvd. in Brownsville, Texas. Serving homemade bistro food crafted by Internationally renowned chef, Sandra Quezada.

Chef Quezada began her career in Monterrey, Mexico where she studied both nutrition and culinary arts. After graduation in 2008, she was gifted a commercial stove which she used to start her business in the culinary industry by giving cooking lessons and offering catering services for private events. Chef Quezada became enamored with cooking at nine years old as she helped her mother prepare meals for her family. Her love of serving others drove her passion to share her culinary creations with others. Her first restaurant in Matamoros Mexico quickly earned critical acclaim. In 2016, Lola’s Bistro was opened with an aim to provide high quality, state of the art cuisine to the people in the Rio Grande Valley.

Chef Quezada goes to great lengths to ensure the complete sensory experience at Lola’s Bistro. Every detail from the volume of the music, the brightness of the lighting, and the appetizing aroma is carefully considered to provide a relaxing and inviting ambiance. With 14 years in the cooking industry, Chef Quezada is passionate about innovating her New American and Contemporary menu. When she isn’t busy in the kitchen, she enjoys traveling and experiencing a variety of cuisines to bring new ideas to her customers.

Lola’s Bistro is the perfect location for bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and anniversary parties. Chef Quezada communicates with clients personally to understand how she can cater to your unique event. She invites each customer to come to Lola’s Bistro and taste the food while she presents a variety of menu options for you to customize.

Lola’s Bistro is Chef Quezada’s creative outlet. She truly loves serving others and providing delicious high-quality food. Visit Lola’s Bistro to enjoy homemade contemporary cuisine in a tranquil environment.


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