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Protect Your Special Day with Wedding Insurance

Life is filled with many joyful moments and milestone occasions. Life can also throw many unexpected things our way, from family emergencies to natural disasters. Just as it’s important to protect your family, your home, and your car from these predicaments, it’s important to consider investing in wedding insurance coverage for your big day.

Wedding insurance companies offer liability or cancellation/postponement policies (please read their coverage in detail.) It is very important to contact he insurance company of your choice to properly address all your questions about coverage and possible scenarios. Here is a list of some of the most popular scenarios.

  • Weather: Based on the location and season of the wedding, insurance can potentially cover expenses lost from unexpected extreme weather conditions, from hurricanes and tornadoes to floods and ice storms. Keyword: extreme weather conditions.
  • Location: The venue may suffer from an electrical outage, a building fire, flooding, or even go out of business before the event. It’s important to make sure your ceremony and reception location is already insured beforehand, so be sure to inquire before signing the dotted line.
  • Vendors: If a vendor cannot make it for the big day due to illness or an accident or simply a no-show, or their products are damaged beyond repair, insurance can cover cancellations or even postponement.
  • Personal Injury or Loss: These are the most unexpected and heartbreaking emergencies to occur before a wedding. The right insurance coverage can possibly make up for cancellation or postponement if the bride, groom, immediate family members are suddenly injured or sick. Keyword: Immediate family.
  • Unforeseen State of Emergency: Whether it’s local, state, or national, a declared state of emergency can leave your wedding unexpectedly cancelled. Insurance can possibly cover expenses from the deposit to any payments made. Keyword: Unforeseen.
  • Military or Employment: Military personnel can be suddenly shipped out at any notice for deployment, or a bride or groom’s company or business may suddenly relocate them to a new city. Having insurance can help with any big changes to the wedding, including postponement or cancellation.

Any emergency scenario or case is different, so it’s important to sit down with an insurance agent to discuss every detail or a wedding insurance policy. Remember, it’s better to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

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