Yazmeen Sahadi & Rene Escobedo

Married November 10, 2018

Our wedding day came quickly, as we had only planned everything two weeks before! I know that sounds crazy, but we had originally planned for an extremely small courthouse wedding. Before we knew it, Rene’s family had booked flights from Mexico City, the list started to grow, and we had 80 guests.

We decided to have a small, outdoor wedding in the backyard of Rene’s family ranch home with a rustic Mexican vibe. All we truly needed for this to happen was nice weather. Of course that was not in our favor – the day was raining and freezing cold. Our poor event planners were running around going crazy figuring out how we were going to achieve the outdoor wedding of our dreams.

After getting ready and taking pictures at the hotel down the street, the rain cleared but it was still freezing cold. Everything looked gorgeous and flowed well because of our event planners. They were able to pull it all together up until the last minute and we got the outdoor Mexican rustic wedding we wanted. There was papel picado everywhere you looked, delicious carnes guisados, and the best Mariachis in town to accomplish everything we hoped for.

Day of Event Planner NANCY CANTU

Hair & Makeup Artist ENCHANTED BY LOLLY


Photography JANA CANTUA


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