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Congrats on your engagement! We are excited that you are interested in being featured!

If you are a vendor please submit your engagement here.

Here are a few items to consider:

  1. Communicate with your photographer that you are considering being featured in Valley Wedding Pages.
  2. Complete the form below; we accept submission of events dated up to 8 months ago.
  3. IMPORTANT: We cannot accept submissions without photos. Have your photo gallery link ready to submit. We DO NOT accept screen shots. Either submit your link or have your photographer submit your wedding gallery to us with your name and wedding date. Submit to [email protected].
  4. Please ensure that there are no watermarks on the images.
  5. Due to the high number of submissions, we cannot guarantee we will be able to feature all submitted engagements. If your submission is not chosen for our magazine publication, do not be discouraged. We also feature images on our website and social media. If your engagement is still in time frame, it may be published at a later issue.
  6. By submitting photos to us, you agree to have your work featured on any/all of these platforms.

The Process:

Waiting List Features: To be highly considered for a feature we take the following into consideration:

  1. The details and quality of the photos; readers love to get inspired by the beautiful things.
  2. How many of our vendors were part of your engagement planning/photoshoot. We highly consider weddings that use our platform and vendors to plan their special event. If you want a list of vendors, click here to see them all.
  3. If we have space in the magazine, we dig into the Waiting List Features and choose the ones that fulfill items 1 and 2 (above).

Guaranteed Features: you also have the opportunity to purchase pages to secure a spot in the upcoming issues:

  1. For pricing information complete the form below and check off “Guaranteed Feature”. An account executive will then contact you with pricing information.
  2. Guaranteed Features get to choose their images and work closely with the design team to approve layout.
Engagement Submission


Please provide as much information as possible, if not applicable you may write (N/A) and/or (P) if pending. Priority will be given to wedding submissions that include complete and thorough vendor lists and stories. 

PLEASE NOTE: All events are subject for review. Submitting this form does not guarantee publication of the event. Weddings that have been published in other wedding magazines, wedding websites or wedding blogs WILL NOT be considered for publication. We will contact you if we require more information. Only those who pay to be featured, secure a spot on the publication. For more information on how to secure a spot, email [email protected]
Thank you so much for considering Valley Wedding Pages as the place to share your sincere love story and wedding! We are grateful!

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