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RGV Event Industry Organization is the only organization in the Rio Grande Valley dedicated to advancing professional development specifically for event professionals.  We understand the day-to-day challenges event professionals face, so our organization is geared to help you achieve success, find solutions, and grow in your career while upholding ethical values.  The organization delivers benefits to its members through educational opportunities and networking to exchange knowledge and collaboration.


RGV Event Industry Organization will elevate and inspire event professionals by fostering education, advocacy, and ethical practices.


Elevate and make a difference in the event industry by preparing members with knowledge and skills.

..."your membership can help you gain a competitive advantage in your market."

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Why become a member?

Education: RGV Event Industry Organization keeps members informed and educated through continuing education offerings, webinars, and information sessions. Participating in these regular development opportunities helps professionals and businesses maintain compliance with regulatory changes as well as stay on top of breaking industry trends.

Advocacy: RGV Event Industry Organization help to elevate important issues in the event industry and even influence discussions that lead to positive change. Not only will we keep businesses informed about key issues, but our organization will help the public understand the issues and the issues and importance of the event industry and profession. 

Ethical Practices: RGV Event Industry Organization promotes high ethical standards for our members to achieve the highest standards of excellence. When in doubt, follow the “The Principles of Professional Conduct and Ethics”, these guidelines will empower members to make effective decisions with greater confidence.

Exposure: RGV Event Industry Organization provides our members with opportunities to increase brand and product awareness. Members receive a special rate to advertise with our partner Valley Wedding Pages.

Networking & Collaboration: Establish your network and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Reputation & Credibility: You want to be known as a company that’s committed to quality, growth, and innovation. When you become a member, it sends a message. It says that you take your business seriously enough to invest your time, energy, and resources outside of office hours into learning everything you can to build the most successful business possible—and that message can seriously resonate with your colleagues, your team, your prospects, and your customers.

Any of the points we listed are reason enough to consider joining RGV Event Industry Organization. When you put them all together, they culminate in what is arguably the most important and beneficial reason to join our organization—and that’s the fact that your membership can help you gain a competitive advantage in your market. The opportunity to network with industry professionals, learn more about your industry and grow as a business — make your business stronger, and give you an advantage over your competitors that don’t have access to those same opportunities.

..."take your business to the next level!"


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Who can become a member?

Membership is open to anyone who owns, manages, or is employed by a business in the event industry.

                Examples but not limited to:

  • Bridal Boutique
  • Catering
  • Designer
  • Event Coordinator
  • Florist
  • Hair/Makeup Artists
  • Hotels
  • Musician
  • Photographer
  • Rental Company
  • Restaurant
  • Stationary Designer
  • Venues
  • Videographer
  • Wedding Designer
  • Wedding Planner
  • ...and more!

What does membership include?

  • Fiscal Year Membership begins on August
  • Networking events and collaborative opportunities with fellow event professionals
  • Education programs designed specifically for business and personal growth
  • A dedicated Members-Only Facebook group for business support
  • Social media welcome recognition
  • Future opportunities to participate on the Leadership Committee
  • Access to Member Only Resources such as Access to the www.wedding.report market research statistics ($250 value)
  • Monthly Newsletters with resources, articles, tools, tips, and more
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Once a member participates in 6 educational mixers or more, they are awarded the RGV Event Industry Organization pin and have access to the member logo to add to their websites, ads, letterhead, business cards, newsletters, email signatures, and more. 
  • Access to Member-Only Discounts
  • Discounts on advertisements with Valley Wedding Pages

Membership Dues:

$125 – Individual Membership

$330 – Business with 3 Memberships

*Non-Refundable. Please note that there is NO prorate option for membership submitted after August.

..."you want to be known as a company that’s committed to quality, growth, and innovation."

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Increase visibility by becoming a Sponsor:


  • Business name mentioned at our monthly educational mixer and other events.
  • Logo placed on monthly mixer programs.
  • Logo placed on RGV Event Industry Organization email blast footer.
  • Logo placed on www.valleyweddingpages.com organization page. ($550 Value)
  • Logo placed on RGV Event Industry Organization private Facebook Group Banner.
  • Logo placed on RGV Event Industry Organization public Facebook Page.
  • Opportunity to submit a 100-word bio, headshot, logo, and link to be included in the RGV Event Industry Organization email blast sent to members and potential members.
  • Opportunity to submit a 100-word bio, headshot, logo, and link to be included in the Valley Wedding Pages email blast sent to brides and grooms (currently 4,300 subscribers 1/3/2023). ($300 value)
  • 3 Facebook/Instagram posts per fiscal year on RGV Event Industry Organization socials
  • 1 Facebook/Instagram post on Valley Wedding Pages socials ($250 value)
  • FREE basic listing on www.valleywedingpages.com directory with membership badge. ($600 value)

UPGRADE - $500 For (1) 20-30 second video clip to be posted on digital platforms. You can also use this video for your personal/business use.

*There will be additional opportunities coming as our organization continues to expand and grow.

Sponsorship applications open JANUARY 10, 2023

Leadership Committee

We are currently seeking event professionals who would like to lead the RGV Event Industry Organization for the next 12 months.  Check out the link below for more information.

..."great leaders inspire greatness in others."

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