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Serve Dinner in Style

Serve Dinner in Style

Photography by Ilse Salinas Photography & Anette Miguel Photography & Videography

Catering by La Justicia Mexican Restaurant - Catering & The Delgado Collective

The food at your reception is one of the most memorable aspects of your wedding for your guests. Amongst the variety of dinner options available, two of the most popular styles are plated service and buffet. Let’s explore the pros and cons of each dinner style so you can chose the perfect reception meal for the most important dinner party you’ll throw!

Plated Service

The most traditional dining style, plated service involves serving a formal dinner while guests are seated.


  • Creates a formal tone
  • Guests are served their food at the same time
  • You can work with your caterer to execute your exact vision for the dinner
  • An efficient way to keep things running on schedule


  • Guests may find the dinner plate limiting
  • May not accommodate those with dietary restrictions
  • With servers and plating required, it tends to be a more costly option


A buffet style meal features long tables with a variety of food for guests to choose from. This allows you to serve a wide range of cuisines and cater to those with dietary restrictions.


  • Guests choose what they want to eat and how much they serve
  • Less wait staff required
  • Buffet displays can add to the aesthetic and make for great photographs


  • Possible traffic jams in the buffet line can make it difficult to serve guests efficiently
  • Coordinating the buffet line by tables may frustrate hungry guests
  • With less control over how much guests serve, more food is required making it a more expensive option
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