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Many couples today are opting for outdoor weddings, which although beautiful come with their own set of challenges. Couples must be mindful of their wedding date and season, be informed of local weather on their preferred event date, and consider subjecting their guests to the elements. One of the best options for couples today is tent rentals, which are now available in a variety of materials and styles to suit each individual couple's needs. Even if you are pretty sure you will have beautiful weather on your wedding day it is always recommended that you have a “rain plan” and have a tent vendor on standby.

  • Determine if you need a tent
  • Look into permits
  • Choose a tent
  • Choose a tent
  • Consider the accessories
  • Pitch the tent if you don’t need it and it was just part of your rain plan

Types of Tents

  • Pole Tent - supported by poles and guy-wires, can have one or more peaks
  • Frame Tent - uses a metal frame for support
  • Marquee Tent - a cross between the frame and pole tent
  • Sailcloth Tent - uses wooden supports and translucent fabric
  • Clear Tent - a tent with a clear vinyl top
  • Beach or Tropical Style Tent - light translucent fabric draped over a wooden or bamboo frame
  • Carnival Tent - a pole tent dressed in red and white striped fabric
  • Moroccan and Indian Themed Tent - usually a pole or frame tent adorned with lanterns and fabric
  • Teepee Tent - Nordic and Native American themed typical to a sailcloth tent
  • Yurt - Consists of lattice walls and a wood ribbed roof and crown, all covered in fabric
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