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3 1/2 Big 5, Edinburg, TX, USA

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Rancho Guadalupe continues to shine as the Rio Grande Valley's beloved hidden gem. Proudly nestled within the RGV Special Event Centers family, it epitomizes elegance and charm. While its journey commenced with construction in 2014, its grand doors opened to the public in January of 2018. The architectural masterpiece seamlessly marries rustic allure reminiscent of early Pueblo dwellings with the sleek lines of contemporary design, crafting an ambiance that captivates visitors.

The goal was to bring the outdoors in and use as much natural light as possible, drawing inspiration from Italian villas and Californian contemporaries. Sprawled across its expansive 1400-acre estate, the event center and rental spaces offer a tapestry of options. From the expansive event center, capable of hosting up to 432 guests, to the cozy chapel, offering solace for 60, every space invites the creation of unforgettable memories. Adding to its allure are the two charming guest homes and an array of picture-perfect spots for capturing memories.

Couples find themselves drawn to the enchanting allure of lakefront vistas, adding a touch of romance to their nuptials. Additionally, the versatility of an outdoor setting gives them the freedom to embrace nature or find comfort indoors, ensuring their celebration is crafted exactly as they envision. Beyond the aesthetics, Rancho Guadalupe promises serenity and seclusion, cocooned within meticulously manicured grounds.

With a commitment to excellence woven into every detail, Rancho Guadalupe stands as a beacon of distinction in event planning. Whether exchanging vows, commemorating milestones, or gathering in celebration, this illustrious venue sets the stage for unforgettable experiences. In the tapestry of life's moments, let Rancho Guadalupe be the thread that binds your memories together with elegance, beauty, and impeccable service.

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