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Where The Cake Takes the Slice

Where The Cake Takes the Slice

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Cake and confection prices are generally broken down into per serving costs, with a greater number of servings leading to an increase in
the price.


Cakes come in a variety of shapes that may impact the cost: hearts, scalloped ovals, squares, hexagons, diamonds, and more!


More traditional flavors like chocolate, white, yellow, and vanilla, cost less than the specialty liquor flavors such as rum, red or blue velvet, or almond cream.


Most fillings are included in the price of the cake, however specialty fillings such as cream cheese or ganache may cost extra, and the price of fresh fruit fillings may fluctuate seasonally.


Some bakers may charge more for some frostings than others based on their specialty. Choices usually include buttercream, chocolate buttercream, cream cheese, whipped frosting, fondant, flavored fondant, and rolled chocolate.

Specialty Decorating

Bows, draping, blown sugar, pulled sugar, gumpaste flowers, and paintings are a beautiful way to add personalized designs to your cake and are typically priced per design.


Flowers, cake jewelry, figurines and fondant creations can coordinate with your theme and offer the ultimate in personalization.

Delivery & Setup

This is usually included if within a certain distance. Arranging flowers on the cake may or may not be a part of setup.


Additional rentals such as cake stands, trays , or specialty linens affect the price and typically require a security deposit.

Anniversary Tier

This may be included in the price. Sometimes bakers offer a fresh tier on your anniversary instead.

Choosing the best wedding cake depends on your own likes and dislikes, the wedding theme, and your budget. Once you’ve got some idea of the type of cake you’d like, you’ll need to work out how much money you have to spend on the cake. Be realistic and compare the prices of various cake vendors. Don’t rush this step – take time to compare and contrast the different styles and specialties provided by each baker. Be sure to give yourself plenty of planning time to get the dream cake you always wanted.

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