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I Hear Diamonds Ring

I Hear Diamonds Ring

Photography by Ilse Salinas Photography

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and who can blame them? Sparkling and dazzling, diamonds are the top choice for engagement rings, ranging in all sorts of styles and sizes. Where to begin when searching for the right diamond to propose with? First, have a budget in mind and know your significant other’s taste in jewelry and metals. Then, simply begin with the Four C’s, a diamond grading system that narrows down the right gem wanted for a beautiful ring.

  • Cut – This refers to the shape of the diamond cut by the jeweler. These include the popular round brilliant, princess, marquise, cushion, and emerald cut.
  • Carat – A carat, about 200 milligrams, is the size or weight of the diamond. Price in diamonds increase with the size
  • Clarity – Small, even miniscule inclusions such as lines and flecks can affect the value of the diamond. However, due to many inclusions being so small to the naked eye, clarity is usually the least important quality during ring purchase.
  • Color – Many people prefer the colorless or white diamonds, but in recent years engagement rings have been spotted with unique diamonds in pinks, browns, popular yellows, and the rare blue.

After finding the perfect diamond, the settings and the band complete the ring’s overall appearance and value, sometimes even smaller diamonds embedded in the band to add a more spectacular look. Sometimes it may take time and even help from a close friend or relative to search and find the ring that will have that special person fall in love all over again.

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