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Interview with Bridal Gown Designer Matthew Christopher

Interview with Bridal Gown Designer Matthew Christopher

Bridal Designer, Matthew Christopher with Van Der Velde has over twenty years’ experience in crafting one-of-a-kind bridal gowns. Known for his architectural silhouettes and seamlessly fit gowns, Matthew Christopher has been consistently recognized as a top couture bridal designer, winning accolades and several nominations for the DEBI award. While in the Rio Grande valley for Sposa Mia Couture's soft opening, we had to opportunity to sit down Matthew Christopher and Robert Martinez from Robert Martinez Weddings to discuss what’s new in the bridal gown industry and learn about his design process

How has Covid-19 affected the bridal gown industry?

We got really busy. The industry boomed. I took some time for myself during the pandemic, but when I came back the salons were busier than ever. All the brides that had to postpone their weddings were still looking for their dress and they were just as excited to find the one.  

Have you seen a chance in the way brides are looking at the dress now?

I'm noticing that brides are more decisive about what they want which is great! In the time I’ve spent in the Rio Grande Valley, I’ve seen a change in how long it takes brides to choose a dress. Sposa Mia is a destination location bridal boutique. Brides go in and have a great experience and they find a dress they fall in love with.

Do you have a signature style when it comes to a bridal gown's design?

When it comes to design, like hugging the curves. I like the bombshell look and making brides feel gorgeous no matter what size they are. Whether she’s are petite or curvy, she should feel absolutely gorgeous. I also really like romantic lace. I’m all about bringing back beautiful, traditional silhouettes in a modern way.

What inspires you?

The bride. The bride is my muse; she tells me what she’s looking for. Without the brides and salon owners I wouldn’t be able to do what I love. 

Describe the Van Der Velde Brand

We are an artesian company, providing an intimate experience for brides looking for their dress. We take the time to speak with our brides. We FaceTime with them if they live out of town, and we’re available to answer any questions they might have about their dress and tailoring, or anything else they need.  

What is your design process like?

It depends if it’s a clean dress or a layered dress. I always start with finding the fabric first. If it’s a clean dress, I’ll sketch it out. If it’s a layered dress, I’ll go to town layering fabric upon fabric for texture. 

Describe a memorable moment in your career

After having designed a collection, seeing my work on the runway is so special. Designing is a lengthy process, from when I first start with the pattern to the time the dress goes to market. When I see my work on the runway, I get so emotional. That’s when I get to take my bow. 

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