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Ready, Set, Prep: The Ultimate Skincare You Need

Ready, Set, Prep: The Ultimate Skincare You Need

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You found the perfect makeup artist, you chose your bridal look, and you found the perfect lipstick shade for your special day. There’s one more big question left…Is your skin prepped and healthy for your wedding? Here are several important tips to remember when using your daily skincare routine to have your face glowing and picture perfect.

  • Cleanse – Cleansing your face of dirt, sweat, and impurities will keep your pores clear and fresh. Exfoliating once a week will also get rid of any dead skin that builds up.
  • Tone – If you’re worried about wrinkles or dull looking skin, a simple evening or overnight cream can revitalize and tighten your skin.
  • Target – If you are acne prone, suffer from redness, or any other ailments, talk with a dermatologist to find the right treatment to clear up these problem areas.
  • Moisturize – Keeping your skin hydrated will always give you a healthy glow. Along with a light moisturizer, drinking plenty of water will keep your hydration levels balanced and flush out any toxins.

Remember to always speak with a dermatologist before taking on any big skin treatments. These small but vital steps into your skincare routine will have you looking like a breath of fresh air for your special day, making you look like a timeless masterpiece.


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