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Ring Trends: Style Guide

Ring Trends: Style Guide

Yellow gold, stackable bands, and more!

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and who can blame them? Sparkling and dazzling, diamonds are the top choice for engagement rings, ranging in all sorts of styles and sizes. What are latest trends in engagement ring design details for 2022?

We spoke with the experts, Ricardo and Denise Portillo from Portillo Jewelers to find out which ring styles are forecasted to be the biggest in 2022. Here's what Texas' premiere hand stylists had to say:

Elevated everyday styles mixed with sentimental pieces and unexpected contrasts are what is trending this year. Rings that have meaning, whether they’re engraved or were given as gift from a loved one or for a special occasion are at the top of that list. Being able to wear them as stand-alone pieces but also paired with other styles is what put them there. In the year of the maximalist getting the most from every piece of jewelry is the goal.

Ricardo & Denise Portillo

Yellow Gold

Gold.Maximalist.With .Background

A yellow gold band is always a good idea. Expect to see it in more maximalist styles like wider cigar bands and with nontraditional diamond detailing. More is more.

“The year of the maximalist”

Enhancer Bands

Contour.Band .With .Background

Contour or enhancer bands are it this year. They’re a great addition to a ring stack and can take a classic solitaire engagement ring and elevate the look in a modern way.

Stackable Bands

Statement.Band .With .Background

It’s no secret we love a good stack and it doesn’t look like stackable bands are going anywhere anytime soon. Pair them with a statement band or add a contour band and you’re good to go.

Mixing Metals

Stackables.With .Background

“Give your ring style a refresh...”

Don’t be afraid to mix metals and styles. Adding some yellow or rose gold to your classic white gold rings may be just what you need to give your ring style a refresh for the new year.

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