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The Wedding of Dr. Rebecca Treviño & Jean Varela

The Wedding of Dr. Rebecca Treviño & Jean Varela

September 30, 2023

Photography by Anahi Weddings and Benigno Hoyuela (Decor)

In the enchanting story of love that is Rebecca and Jean Varela’s story, every moment gleams with the radiance of a timeless bond. From the tender days of high school to the crescendo of commitment that led them to Houston, Texas, their journey has been a symphony of shared dreams and cherished milestones.

As they embarked on the joyous journey of wedding planning, Rebecca and Jean found effortless harmony, guided by the gentle execution of their wedding planner. Every detail became a melody of love: from delightful tastings to heartfelt meetings, and the joy of sampling cocktails together. And in the luminous hands of bridal gown designer Manuel Tiscareno, Rebecca discovered a fairytale come to life, each stitch a testament to the dreams they shared. With her beloved mother by her side, adorned in a gown as radiant as her own, the journey to "I do" became a tapestry of shared love.

Throughout their wedding journey, Rebecca and Jean were surrounded by cherished padrinos and madrinas who bestowed their day with special blessings. Guided by Jean’s baptismal padrino, who served as padrino de anillos, the couple embarked on a memorable journey to Tiffany’s in San Antonio, where they selected timeless rings symbolizing their love. Their path to matrimony was paved with heartfelt celebrations, including a radiant bridal shower at Casa de Palmas Hotel, where Jean surprised Rebecca with a breathtaking bouquet and a serenade from Mariachi 7 Leguas. Their love story unfolded in moments of shared joy, from summer bachelor and bachelorette weekends in Scottsdale and Las Vegas to an intimate rehearsal dinner at Bodega Tavern & Kitchen in McAllen, where they shared laughter and love with cherished family and friends.

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In the hallowed halls of Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church, where their hearts had found solace for a lifetime, Rebecca and Jean exchanged vows, each word a melody of devotion. With ivory florals adorning the sanctuary and the tender embrace of loved ones, the ceremony bloomed with the timeless beauty of their love.

In The Ballroom at the McAllen Convention Center, a breathtaking scene unfolded as intricately designed floral arrangements, adorned with white and ivory garden roses, cast a spellbinding allure. Soft, ambient lighting enveloped the space, welcoming guests into warmth and affection. At the heart of it all, the sweetheart table stood on a radiant stage embraced by opulent floral arrangements that captivated every eye. Above, a grand wedding cake, crafted with meticulous care and infused with signature flavors, soared to new heights, embodying the depth of their commitment. Amidst the golden accents and the gentle glow of candlelight, Jean and Rebecca shared a moment of profound intimacy, their bond illuminated by the eternal flame of love. As the night unfolded, they moved with effortless grace, their souls entwined in a dance of pure devotion. Later, adorned in a second custom Tiscareno gown, the bride radiated timeless elegance, a vision of sheer beauty. And as friends and family gathered in celebration, adding to the enchantment of the evening, sealing their love in an embrace of pure magic.

And as they embarked on their honeymoon in the enchanting lands of Italy, from the sun-kissed shores of Positano to the timeless allure of Florence, Rebecca, and Jean embarked on a new chapter of their love story, bound together by the promise of forever.

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